European Water Closet:

Experience the epitome of modern elegance with TROVAQ EWC. Making your bathroom more spacious. They come in various styles and also the favorite choice for modern bathroom.
This design is providing easy cleaning and healthier bathroom. User friendly design, space saving features, user comfort and water efficiency.

Sanitary wares
LULU RAYYAN GROUP is the best sanitary ware suppliers in Qatar. Sanitary wares are the backbone of any bathroom. Choose right bathroom fittings for your aesthetic space.
Floor mounted toilets are the most commonly used type.

Our TROVAQ is the best brand for ceramic products like EWC, wash basin etc. Ceramic EWC White S Trap JA0242, Ceramic Floor Mounted EWC are the available EWC products in our showroom.
Check out the new trends in ceramics and make the decision right!

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