• Combination Hammer 40mm 1100Watt 5Kg D25481K-B5

    • Ideal for drilling anchor fixing and through holes in concrete and masonry from 12 to 40 mm in diameter. Core drilling up to 90 mm
    • Chain drive improves durability and increases efficiency together with an oil-filled gearbox to ensure total component lubrication and superior heat dissipation
    • Ergonomic; compact and slimline design maximizes control and offers easy access to confined spaces
    • Excellent power to weight ratio: 8 Joules of impact energy delivered by a 6.1 kg hammer
    • Rotation-stop for medium-light demolition applications
    • Unique dust sealing protection to prevent even the finest dust ingress into the hammer mechanism delivering high durability and extended tool life
    • Hammer mechanism is optimized by reducing the number of components and by improving dampening to deliver maximum impact energy and therefore the efficiency to drill into the hardest concrete
    • Efficient mechanism delivers impact blows directly to the bit without losses through excessive vibration and rebound dampening reduces stress to the tool
    • Soft rubber grip handles improve user comfort lowering fatigue during extended use
  • Combination Hammer D25012K-QS 22mm DeWalt

    • 22 mm SDS-plus Rotary Hammer
    • Electronic variable speed control
    • Impact stop for drilling in wood and metal
    • Very low vibration level
    • Effective dust protection by optimally sealed hammer
    • Extremely compact and lightweight design
    • Ergonomic rubber in ensure safe handling
    • locking switch for continuous operation Standard delivery
    • Adjustable side handle

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